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What services does Eventum Premo provide? 

  • Launch
  • Strategic planning
  • BTL - strategies and sponsorship integration B2B projects
  • Corporate events
  • MICE projects
  • Marketing communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Working with bloggers and opinion leaders
  • Communication strategy in digital
  • Creative/special projects
  • SMM
  • Content marketing
  • Reputation Management
Integrated projects EVENT / PR / DIGITAL

How to become a supplier/contractor of your agency?

We are one of the largest agencies on the market, we are in the TOP-50 event-agencies of the world. In this regard, our interests are vast and unusual. If you want to become a new supplier of Eventum Premo, you need to send a description/presentation of your service/product to

How to read Customer reviews about Eventum Premo?

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Dear Colleagues!

This section of the site is intended for those who would like to sell something to the company Eventum Premo. This page is for our suppliers, contractors and business partners.

We are one of the largest agencies on the market, we are in the TOP-50 event-agencies of the world. We carry out the tasks of our Clients - the largest Russian and international companies. In this regard, our interests are vast and unusual. Sometimes we need to buy amazing things!

At the same time, we strive to provide our Clients with the best services at reasonable prices. Therefore, we are attentive to the choice of suppliers. Usually we work with trusted partners, however, we are also interested in new products and special offers.

If you want to become a new supplier of Eventum Premo, see the list of products and services of interest to us. But, even if your business is not on the list, we will still be happy to know about your offer. Bookmark this page and from time to time - come here. We often need something.

What are we interested in now:

  • Venues of events
  • Catering services
  • Technical Production
  • Director/screenwriter services
  • Design, presentation design
  • Comprehensive team building solutions
  • Corporate souvenirs (500-2500 rub)
  • Services of decorators
  • Video Production


Send your proposals to the address: to the purchasing department of Eventum Premo.

Thank you! Have a good day!
Eventum Premo

Environmental policy Eventum Premo

Environmental policy in event business

Eventum Premo officially supports all the various efforts and initiatives aimed at maintaining a safe and environmentally friendly environment. Below are formulated a number of principles of our work, observing which we aspire to reduce the burden on the environment:

  • We appreciate the professionalism of the customers of the events. Thanks to clear briefs and competent orders, it is possible to reduce the number of edits when printing polygraphy and producing souvenirs. Less rework - less waste and defective products.
  • We support orders of paraphernalia and printing with the use of decomposable materials and recyclable materials. Cardboard and natural fabrics we love more than vinyl and plastic.
  • We love the wildlife and ask the customers not to cut down trees and shrubs for decorative purposes. In our office found shelter turtles and lots of plants.
  • We are in favor of saving electricity and therefore suggest planning work to avoid night shifts for the agency's employees.
  • We are pleased with the opportunity to reduce paper consumption and, if possible, seek to replace paper carriers with electronic ones. Internal documents in the office we try to print on drafts.
  • We support reusable products (bags, pointers, notebooks).
  • Less garbage - fewer landfills. Therefore, we are for minimizing any amount of garbage. In our work, we support cleaning companies that sort garbage.
  • We are for fuel economy, therefore we support thoughtful moves at the stage of preparation of the event. For example, we regret the unproductive inspections of areas :)
  • • Things that remain after the events, we strive to utilize with advantage. T-shirts, notebooks, pens, we give out to schools or take them to the points of collection of assistance to homeless and victims of natural disasters.

If you organize events and support these principles - share this page on social networks.

Your's Eventum Premo


JSC «Eventum. Conference and seminars»

Legal and actual address: 105082, Russia, Moscow, Spartakovskiy per., 2 / 1, 2nd floor
Postal address: 105082, Russia, Moscow, Spartakovskiy per., 2 / 1, 4th floor
INN (vendor ID number): 7701752869
Account Number: 40702978221000108122

Beneficiary Bank: OTKRITIE Bank (JSC)
13 bldg, 11 Timura Frunze street
Moscow 119021, Russian Federation
Swift Code: RUDLRUMM
Intermediary Bank:
Deutsche Bank AG

Frankfurt am Main, 12, Taunusanlage, Frankfurt am Main, D-60325, Germany
Acc 9477134

Phone: (495) 785 84 46

General Director A.V. Shumovich

Chief Accountant E.S. Czech


We help our customers to be loved. We do this with the help of excellent activities and effective PR support, helping to solve business problems: both internal and external.

5 reasons for choosing us

The choice of an event agency with which to implement important projects of the company is an important step. Here are 5 reasons to choose our event-agency:

  • We are looking for new ideas for our Clients 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This is our passion
  • We carefully preserve the experience of each project within the company. The team is our main advantage
  • We always write the word "Client" with a capital "C". Qualitative service is something that really distinguishes us
  • Our business is the solution of the Client's tasks. We care about your business together to be proud of the results.
  • The experience of the company is important. Our specialization in the PR market and events organization - more than 12 years